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Netflix Warrior Nun season 2 Spoiler alert

You heard it right! Warrior Nun released July 2, 2020, and is planning to release its sequel very soon. But before you dive into what details we’re about to give, this blog Warrior nun season 2 spoilers and nothing less. Well seems like a piece of good news for Warrior nun fans, isn’t it? For the new readers, Warrior Nun is a Netflix Original premiered on July 2, 2020, which an adaptation of Warrior Nun Areala by Ben Dunn.

The plot revolves around a 19-year-old teen Ava played by Alba Baptista who happened to be a physically challenged orphan, was killed by one of the demonish nuns but wakes up after death and realizes that she has superpowers due to a Halo and becomes the part of Order of Cruciform Sword tasked for fighting demons on Earth.

The finale episode somehow ended abruptly which seems like a cliffhanger, there’s a feeling of assurity that there will be Warrior Nun season 2 as the team has renewed this 20 August 2020 and here we would discuss Warrior Nun season 2 spoilers and nothing else!

Who is Adriel Warrior Nun season 2?

We need to find out who Adiel was, well, the Order of Cruciform Sword too, as mentioned as an angel in earlier episodes, there’s a lot to know. It’s all a lie. When Ava meets Adriel in Vatican city, she finds out what actually happened to the first warrior nun and Adriel didn’t come from heaven but a portal. But then, who was the real owner of Halo? Hopefully Warrior Nun season 2 will answer this question.

Who is Father Vincent in Warrior Nun season 2?

Father Vincent’s character shocked everybody at the end of the season as he turned out to be Adriel’s master, disguised as a priest. Having said that, Who is the real Father Vincent? Is he a demon’s possession or is he just a bad guy who ditched his fellow mates for his greed? Only time will tell. Ava and the warrior nuns must know the truth as they’ve been following him since day 1.

Warrior Nun Season 2 should solve Jillian Salvius’ son’s mystery!

We got introduced to a scientist Jillian Salvius who had a son named Michael, he was very sick and she as a scientist and a mother wanted to find out a parallel life.  She wants to find a cure for him,  any parent would do that right? Hence she makes a device that takes to the parallel world where there’s no death. Although there’s a doubt that Halo must be the key as when he comes near to Ava, he illuminates. But in the last episode, somehow he mysteriously runs inside the device and disappears. Warrior nun season 2 needs to answer these questions!

What is cooking between Ava and Sister Beatrice in Warrior Nun Season 2?

Gradually we saw a close bond grow between Ava and sister Beatrice as the series come to the end, is there any romantic thing happening or about to happen? Well, only time will tell. It’s a supernatural world and they must be open to anything possible!

Are you excited to know if something is cooking between the two cuties? We need to see Warrior Nun season 2 when it releases!

When will Warrior Nun Season 2 be released?

When the production of the sequel started on 20 August 2020 in Spain, the pandemic outbreak must have delayed a lot of things but it’s predicted to release by Summer 2021. But that will only happen when they’re able to resume smoothly! While Warrior Nun released a lot of love by being #4 on  Netflix’s trending page, the fans we bet are waiting for more and with this time, the questions covered!

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