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Bird Box Movie Review | Don’t be afraid of the dark

Well, the boat, two kids, and Sandra Bullock blindfolded in the middle of a river with high currents, if that doesn’t excite you to watch the movie, what else will?

The movie premiered at AFI fest on Nov 12. The movie Bird Box had a mini theatre release on Dec 14, finally releasing it on Dec 21, 2018. The movie almost had a viewership of 26 million in the first 7 days and that calls for a Bird Box Full movie review.

The world is hit by the vision monsters, you can not dare to see them naked eyes or you kill yourself to death. Malorie askes two kids, a boy, and a girl to keep their eyes blindfolded, not uttering a single word. The movie from here onwards divides into two segments, on the rowboat, the present, and a flashback slot before 5 years. The story starts, Malorie being pregnant and being visited by her sister Jessica.

Bird Box Movie Review

The television is full of news of mass suicides but they pay no heed to it. As the sisters return from a regular check-up, they see mass suicides happening in their town too. Unfortunately, Jessica also witnesses the same vibe and depressingly kills herself in an accident. Malorie is devastated by what she saw. One lady who saw all this came up to help Malorie but burns herself inside a car.

Bird Box Full Movie Review | Don’t be afraid of the dark

People keep on adding in the house that the lady lived. We would see Charlie, one of the survivors who seems to have known about what could be happening around, theorizes about demon entities who might have invaded Earth, taking the shape of their victims’ worst fears and driving them crazy that results to kill themselves. Tom insisted to keep the windows closed to stay safe.

Greg is an architect who volunteers to tie himself to a chair while he monitors the CCTVs to see if those demic entities could be seen. Unfortunately, he kills himself too. Now the supply of food starts to decrease, Olympia arrives at the door, she’s pregnant as well. Most of the group go to a nearby supermarket. Malorie finds pet birds and decides to keep them along with her. Soon she realizes the birds could sense the demons and makes noise.

We would see the introduction to Gary, he finds those demons beautiful and kills most of the guys there including Malorie. He then puts the birds in the freezer and peeks outside through the windows and starts removing the paper stuck on the windows. Douglas blindly tries to kill Gary with a shotgun, unfortunately, fails, which results in Gary being able to kill Douglas with scissors.

While Malorie tries to protect the newborn babies, Tom gains consciousness in time and helps kill Gary and save Malorie and the babies. Five years later, Tom and Malorie stay together with the children, “Boy” and “Girl” still un-named. Malorie seems to be worried because she has crossed paths with unblindfolded survivors who call the demons ” beautiful” themselves.

Bird Box Full Movie Review | Don’t be afraid of the dark

They receive a transmission from Rick, a survivor who says they’re in a safe place and it would be the safest to come here. Also, no vision monsters can attack the space which is also a reason to go there. The four decide to go to the community but are faced by a group of unblindfolded along the way, Tom dies. Malorie escapes with the kids for the place far off, mentioned by Rick. In the middle of their journey in a rowboat, the boats due to the Rapids, but all the along with the three, Malorie along with the kids manage to find each other.

They again get separated while Malorie slips down the hill on the route to Rick. The vision monsters try to convince the kids to open their blindfolds in the voice of Malorie but they’re still saved. Finally, The three reach the community, which used to be a school for the blind. They finally meet Rick. Malorie meets Dr. Lapham, the doctor she followed up with during her pregnancy. Malorie off next releases the birds and finally gives the children names, Tom and Olympia, and acknowledges herself to be their mother.


“Before every take, we would practice it before, with the kids, if I have to grab them roughly or drag them, we always practiced it to see if they were comfortable with all that. I think it’s just survival I mean think your child runs out in the street and you grab them, it’s frightening, it’s loud!”

How did you find the VFX though? Millions of people have loved the movie for sure, but least know that VFX played a great part. The concept of not revealing the demons was also decided after then was sculpted, but the director following the vibe of the movie and kept the vision monster anonymous. The chaotic entities or the troop of vision monsters with natural elements, all created!

The dramatic river sequence, in which a blindfolded Malorie (Sandra Bullock) rows herself, along with two young unnamed children (played by Vivien Lyra Blair and Julian Edwards) was majorly possible due to VFX.

Overall, we have not seen a movie as amazing as this one and we’re eagerly waiting for its second part to release soon. Hence, Birdbox should be on your watchlist next time you log into your Netflix account!

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