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Chintu Ka Birthday Zee5 Full Movie Review

Chintu ka Birthday is an Indian comedy household drama released on 5 June 2020. Directed by Devyanshu and Satyanshu Singh, it is a movie of middle-class families based in Iraq and deals with daily struggles, temperament, and ways of dealing with problems much more. Jagran Film festival screened this film in 2019 and was supposed to screen at the MAMI film festival but was later called off.

What happens when four comedians come together to produce a movie? Well, to a surprise Chintu ka Birthday breaks all the stereotypes placed about the content a group of comedians can make! Chintu ka Birthday is a must-watch movie against a lot of Crimeaction movies that are trending on the internet.

Chintu Ka Birthday Zee5 Official Trailer

All India Bacchod presents Chintu Ka Birthday, an Indian comedy-drama, is a story of an Indian Middle-class family who’s stuck in Iraq due to some reasons. In the trailer we see a happy go lucky family who’s excited to celebrate the 6-year-old Chintu’s Birthday. As a kid, he’s excited about his birthday celebrations where there’s an explosion suddenly by the US soldiers making the moment threatening.

The family is upset about the whole scenario and we get to see a glimpse of the American-Iraq war situation. Surely Zee 5 is booming with its quality content by bringing movies like Kaafir, Stage of Seige, and now, Chintu ka Birthday. It’s a perfect example of great writing directs to a great piece of Art, The trailer makes us feel to watch the movie, undoubtedly.

Chintu Ka Birthday Plot

1. The back story

Madan Tiwari is an Indian who comes from Bihar is stuck in Iraq with his family due to some reasons. The Delhi Government assumes that they’ve evacuated all the Indian citizens stuck in Iraq, sadly Tiwari’s family gets neglected. Contrary to this Tiwari is settled in Iraq and living a middle-class life-sustaining his family.

His family gives a homely, happy go lucky vibe that would connect us to its core. It shows a simple life where all that matters is the happiness within the family and how they stand with each other during sad times. Tiwari’s family consists of his wife Sudha, daughter Lakshmi, mother-in-law Shanta Devi and a young kid Chintu. Chintu is a 6-year-old child who’s excited about his coming birthday. 

2.The twist

Chintu Ka Birthday Zee5 (2020) Release Date, Cast, Trailer

The major twist in the movie comes when American soldiers attack Iraq. It’s Chintu’s birthday today, everybody’s is busy with the preparations, the cake, invites, and decorations while 2 soldiers invade into Tiwari’s house. The family is threatened by the ruthless behavior of the soldiers where we see Chintu and Lakshmi are scared of the mishappenings in the house.

A lot of bullet scenes, harsh language, and saddening environment. It depicts how the common mass of the country gets affected by war, where they have nothing to do with it and the people who are at high positions get away with it. It’s sad but true.

3. What happens next?

All our young Chintu wants is to celebrate his birthday with his family and friends, cut the cake and make memories that he can cherish forever. The story narrates about the celebration of Chintu and how it takes place but wait! Will Chintu be able to celebrate his birthday in the tough situation they’re facing? What if his friends don’t turn up on his birthday celebration? Will Madan Tiwari be successful in bringing a smile on his child’s face? Watch the movie and let us know what happens next!

About the characters in Chintu ka Birthday

Chintu Ka Birthday Zee5 (2020) Release Date, Cast, Trailer
  • Madan Tiwari who’s shown as the father in the plot has a very simple character. He’s down to earth, neutral, and dreams to live a happy life. Moreover, he wants the best for his children and keeps them happy. It’s the time when we see him say ” Chintu is crying on his birthday, it is wrong” we see an emotional end of a father and how desperately he wants to fulfill his son’s wish of celebrating his birthday.

    But when he says ‘ jo bhigadna hai bhigad Jaye, Chintu ka birthday to mana kar rahengy” we see a stubbornness in his voice. He’s an epitome of a typical Indian father who pushes his end to make his son happy.

    We see our fathers doing the same at same his end, doesn’t he? The scene is nothing more than a father-son relationship that is bonded by love.
  • Sudha and Shanti Devi as Mother and Grandmother have outshined as well. We see Sudha as a caring, loving mother who tends to be a housewife as well. She’s the backbone of the family who holds everybody together and is a great support to Madan.
  • Chintu is a young innocent boy, cheerful at heart, and wishes to celebrate his birthday with his friends and family. Evering a millennial kid would relate to isn’t? While he’s afraid of the mishappenings outside, he’s still hopeful about his birthday which takes a whole emotional toll on the viewers.
  • Just like any other elder sister, we see the perfect, supportive and obedient Lakshi who reminds us of ” Dekho didi kitni achi hai, unke jaisa bano” vibe!

Things you will like in Chintu ka Birthday

Chintu Ka Birthday Zee5 (2020) Release Date, Cast, Trailer
  1. The father-son relationship between Madan and Chintu is an epitome of a typical millennial relationship that makes us nostalgic about the 90’s father-son relation.
  2. The movie looks real, soft, and light-hearted which makes us feel positive about watching it.
  3. Chintu ka Birthday brings a breeze of fresh air with its incoming as we’re used to watching crime-action web series for some time now!
  4. The performances are as real as it could get, where Vinay Pathak and Trilotma Shome have aced their characters as parents.
  5. When the ringtone says” Saare Jahan se acha, Hindustan humara”, we saw the patriotic side of Madan, also depicted how rooted he is which makes us feel more connected to a character who’s based in Iraq.

Facts about Chintu Ka Birthday

  1. The movie is made by two newcomers who happen to be siblings, while on their struggling period, the main plot of the story was discussed on the call.
  2. The movie is rejected by a lot of bug production houses, they loved the plot though.
  3. Chintu ka Birthday was wrapped in 18 days which is one of the least duration movies like this take!
  4. The movie was made in 2018, it was screened at Jagran Film Festival in 2019 as well!
  5. The movie of Chintu ka Birthday comprises 9 characters and the whole movie was shot in one location, still, it impactfully portrayed the war situation, undoubtedly.

Chintu Ka Birthday Cast List

  • Vinay Pathak as Madan Tiwary
  • Tillotama Shome as Sudha Tiwary
  • Seema Pahwa as Nani
  • Bisha Chaturvedi as Lakshmi
  • Vedant Chibber as Chintu
  • Khalid Massou as Mahdi
  • Reginald L Barnes as Louis Jackson
  • Nathan Scholz as Darren Reed

Chintu Ka Birthday Zee5 Conclusion

After a big break, we encountered a movie that is worth watching with family. It deals with the ups and downs which takes to a roller coaster ride from Emotional to thrill. It’s a light-hearted movie that fills your heart with nostalgia and love. Even if the characters are based in Iraq, we feel an unusual attachment to the family.

It’s a movie that will be liked by one and all. With this never-ending trend of Crime-actions and thriller movies off late, Chintu ka Birthday comes like an interval to revive our old days for sure. It’s an amalgamation of happiness and sadness with each dialogue touching your heart and soul. What are you waiting for now, do let us know in the comments below the climax of the movie!

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