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Netflix India Class of 83 Movie Review & Detail

Netflix India has something new to offer every next moment that you spend on Netflix. This time, it’s the third collaboration with Red Chillies Entertainment after Bard of Blood and Betaal. What comes as a shocking surprise is the grand comeback of Bobby Deol as a brooding police officer in uniform! Well, we do have a lot of expectations while Shah Rukh Khan tweeted the trailer welcoming Bobby Deol.

Not only the audience is appreciating the comeback of Bobby Deol but are also impressed by the new troop of newcomers who have also received audience appreciation.

Class of 83 Movie Review

Directed by Atul Sabharwal, the story revolves around Mumbai Police Academy shot in Nasik that trains young Policemen before they hit their respective duties. The story goes back in time in the 1980s when Bombay was going through a huge swirl.

It was when Political leaders were double-dealing with smugglers and the cotton mill industries and their workers were at huge risk due to the real estate holders looking for vast spaces for the smuggling of gold, currency, drugs, and arms. The story starts with the Mumbai Police Academy training the selected policemen before they join their respective duties.

Vijay Singh (Bobby Deol) in punishment posting is the dean of the training academy. The students were excited to be taught by him as was famous for many gangster encounters at that time. Although he seems not to be present most of the time, he had his past but it was when three of the backbenchers sneaks into his house to take revenge on one of the professors who didn’t give them marks and thought of beating his guts out then, Dean appeared.

It was only the next day when Dean Vijay Singh came to lectures and finally was taking classes. The students seemed excited. The bottom five performing students from the lot, Surve, Jadhav, Shukla, Varde, and Aslam. They were smart, intelligent and the true retainers of brave and independence caught the attention of Vijay Singh and hence he decides to make a cop squad including them in an attempt to complete his unfulfilled mission which also killed his wife.

Yes, He does have a backstory, as being one of the honest officers and dedicated to his duties which cost him his wife’s death, and later he found out that the smuggler he was chasing joined hands with the politician(Anup Soni). They also mention the escalating Punjab terrorism and the AK47s finding their way to Mumbai; which was happening towards the 80s.

They also mention Datta Samant and the struggle of the mill workers and the communities. We also saw the rising of the Naik gang opposing the Kalsekar gang as they planned to replace Kalsekars. Vijay Singh trained this cop squad to be encounter cops who later got distracted from their purpose. It was only when Kalsekar led Aslam’s death, hence the rest four guys again join hands with Vijay Singh to finish the incomplete story.

Class of 83 Movie Conclusion

 But what will make you watch the movie? Well, we have reasons.

  • Watch Bobby Deol with a bang-on comeback and his poker face that went viral and everybody is talking about. 
  • Watch the new lot of newcomers giving their best shot as debuts that will blow your mind, there’s a sense of humor, rebels, acting skills, and everything we would expect them to have.
  • The ideology and how realistic the movie looks.
  • Watch the glimpses of Old Bombay now Mumbai giving us major vintage vibes. Such a cool recreation.
  • It might want you to see more. Had this been a web series, it could have been more fun to watch in detailed encounters set in old Bombay, could have been fun!

“When we spoke, I could see that in the years that he has spent in this industry, he has gone through most of those emotions,” said Deol. Watch Class of 83 streaming on Netflix this August 21, 2020.

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