Free Guy 2021 Movie Review & Story Details

Shawn Levy’s latest offering, Free Guy is a Sci-fi comedy fiction that stars Ryan Reynolds and uber-cool Jodie Comer with Lil Rel Howery, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Joe Keery, and Taika Waititi as supporting cast. The movie revolves around Ryan Reynold who’s a non-playable character in an open GTA-like game in Free City as he decides to write his own story his way. Even if they have received a little criticism from the critics, audiences seem to love the whole concept! 

Free Guy Plot

Rated 85% by Rotten tomatoes, Free Guy has received quite a lot of appreciation so far. It revolves around a bank teller (Ryan Reynolds) who figures out that he’s also a background player in a GTA-like game in a video game called “Free City” after he finds a glass.

Hence, he decides to write his own story in the video game (as he anyway dealt with existential crises in the real world). While he decides to save the world until it’s too late. He meets Molotov Gir (Jodie Comer) who tells him that this place is a video game and it’s full of bad guys. He decides to change the flow by becoming the good guy in the city and attempts doing good deeds and having a motive while willing to spend more time with her. 

Free Guy Review

This is one of the most entertaining video game movies so far. Filled with outrageously entertaining, stuffed with gonzo action, goofy gags, star power, big ideas, this movie check all the boxes of entertainment. Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer make a great on-screen couple for a video game drama you’d love to watch.

The effects are slightly better than Ready Player One’s effects. Which really helps elevate this film and make it all the more entertaining to watch. I highly recommend you see it in 3D because it really helps to bring the world the writers and directors set up even more realistic and enthralling. This one is a must-watch if you’re looking for a hilarious entertaining setup!

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