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Masaba Masaba Netflix Original Review

Masaba Masaba was just released on 28th August as Netflix India had something new to offer its audience. Masaba Gupta as a fashion designer is known for her bold, vibrant, colorful, glossy, and fashionistas silhouettes, not today but for very long.

As there’s a lot of young fashion and design aspirants, Fashion being one of the most popular things on social media, a story of a Fashion designer seems like a calculated risk, and why not? We surely would like to see someone on the screen if we truly admire it! Here let’s see what the new Masaba Masaba Netflix series has on the table for us presenting to you, Masaba Masaba Netflix Review in 2020.

Masaba Masaba Netflix series revolves around the lives of a brilliant mother-daughter duo Masaba Gupta and Neena Gupta where they act themselves, Neene Gupta who’s a well-known actress still strives to work harder even if she’s about to be in her 60’s. Masaba Gupta debuting her way into entertainment is playing herself in the show, where we get to sneak into her personal life, and how she deals with her problems.

Masaba Masaba Netflix Official Trailer

Masaba Masaba Netflix Review Episode 1​

Masaba walks in the dispair, upset in the middle of the road as she walks to her mother’s home. As the introduction ends, we see Masaba Gupta posting a picture of her being upset but yet hopeful.” Today I need my photos filtered like my coffee” Just the right caption netizens would relate to, right? She’s excited about her award she’s about to receive from Flair magazine.

She’s getting herself prepared for the show when she finds a Blind Items written about her failed marriage. Neena Gupta, as badass as she is, in the middle of her driving classes, gets to know about the Blind Item about her daughter. She tries to call Masaba numerous times but all in vain as Masaba is busy for the Award Night. Kiara Advani is shown as one of her clients she designs for, a busy work schedule with everybody messed up in their own things, the story proceeds. 

Masaba Gupta takes Life coach sessions, irritated with her mom as every teenage girl does. Gia, her best friend comforts her as Masaba visits at Gia’s bar, girls time! It’s showtime as the couple enters the Award show, with an amazing speech as Masaba receives an Award for being “The Millenial Fashion Icon Award of the Year”. The episode ends with Masaba Gupta and her husband splitting apart and Masaba is left upset. Masaba Masaba Netflix series episode 1 ends here.

Masaba Masaba Netflix Review Episode 2​

Masaba Gupta walks in midnight to her mom. It’s your own people who can help you survive your despair, isn’t it? While Neena Gupta welcomes her with a calming smile, she actually brings life to the whole scenario!

The next morning is different for Masaba, she’s taken care of by her mom. Neena Gupta gets a call to meet Farah Khan for her next role, she still strives hard to make it for a lead actress but the problem is, What she must wear? We see humor and sarcasm as soon as Farah Khan is on screen, she gives quite hopes that Neena must be cast in her next film! Masaba is ready for the art show, she visits Gia as she’s busy with her bar opening, but she’s busy with her work and hence Masaba had to leave alone!

The artist is a cameo by Shibani Dandekar where Masaba seems to get bored! Neena Gupta, on the other hand, spends the evening with her friends finds that Farah Khan has cast herself in the role she’s about to cast Neena, yes, she’s upset while Masaba meets her ex-boyfriend in the art show. As they both get in their homes, they get into a heated argument and Masaba leaves the home.

Masaba Masaba Netflix Review Episode 3​

Masaba leaves her home and stays with her assistant in her room, she had one of the peaceful nights there. But she needs a home, he helps Masaba meet a broker who could get her a house, finally and she gets back to her work, the broker calls her to say he must find another space as being Celebrity and a Divorce sounded difficult!

As the investor, Dhairya visits her studio to take an update on her new collection, that’s she’s not yet started. Dhariya helps her with few brokers where Masaba actually likes it. She seems happy but runs from her own problems, also she seems not concerned about Gia’s struggles.

As she leaves happy the next day at her new home! As she shifts to her new home, she thanks Dhairya and later sleeps with her ex and ended up with an argument when she finds out he’s cheating another girl for this.

Masaba Masaba Netflix Review Episode 4​

Masaba wakes up getting back to the same grind, her work life seems to have financial issues, Neena posts an Instagram asking for work, shows how she deals with her work issues as she strives to be in a lead, but her efforts seems to be in vain.

Finally, she’s approached by a producer who makes short sketches, cast Neena as an aunty, and her video goes viral! On the other hand, Masaba seems quite frustrated with every minute thing happening to her, cribbing about everything and yet again ends up with a heated argument with her best friend Gia. Both of them are upset as they separate, and Masaba misses her friend as she posts a picture with about how much she’s missing Gia.

Dhairya’s daughter Pax wishes to intern under her as she finds it interesting. When the killer thing is the song “Abey auntie kisko bola bey” Do watch it on Netflix if you haven’t!  Finally, she patches up Gia and helps her launch the new bar.

Masaba Masaba Netflix Review Episode 5​

This episode gets crazy as Masaba sets to meet new guys. As she meets new guys, she takes more counseling sessions as it tests her patience to her saturation. Back to her busy schedule and financial issues being the center, guys come and go. While again makes out with somebody and wakes up in a place she didn’t much like. 

Finally, Neena got a lead role, with a Badhai ho reference. The studio seems decked up with her collection ready, they plan for a cruise fashion show where all the investors and their family, her talents are on a stake! As the arrangements start, the showstopper creates quite a lot of scenes due to her boyfriend’s mess. But sadly the show ends up mismanaged and failed show.

Masaba Masaba Netflix Review Episode 6​

The show was a great mess, upset, dishearted and failed she apologizes to the investors and gets going as she has one week to prove her worth as she’s being trolled badly. She talks to the life coach as she realizes that she’s been running away from her problems than actually face it. 

As she starts with motivating her mom at work, she finally returns to the studio. As she tries to fix the mess in her collection, she got a call from Vinay as they sell their home. She finally walks to Dhairya, the investor and she messes up again! As they celebrate Neena Gupta’s 60th birthday, Masaba Gupta throws a huge party to celebrate the mess they are and embrace their imperfections and here the plot ends.

Masaba Masaba Netflix Review Conclusion​

The new Masaba Masaba Netflix series on one side brings a lot of positive vibes with fun and light comedy-drama it also deals with few things that were being missed and less thought of. The idea of two independent working women is surely an inspiration to many girls of this generation and also reflects the behind the scenes of a hectic designer celebrity of the entertainment world. 

The ups and downs that one goes through will blind items, separating valuable relationships highlight the modern-day lifestyle. But also the plot and the dialogues could have been better to bring more depth as it seemed shallow and few times, giving trying too hard vibes. Overall, it’s quite an inspirational one, a one-time watch that you can enjoy your evening tea with! how much did you like Masaba Masaba Netflix Review and of course the show, do write up below.

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