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Mathil Tamil Movie Review 2021 Streaming on Zee5

All thanks to the OTT platforms for bringing such entertaining pieces of content, else quarantine would have been hell difficult! Just one of its offerings, Mathil is directed by Mithran Jawahar who casts KS Ravikumar and Mime Gopi as leads.

A family drama with a political burden is quite a thing in movies that we’ve been watching for years. Released on April 16, you can watch it on Zee5 for free.

Mathil Tamil Movie Trailer Zee5

What is the Mathli movie about?

The movie revolves around Lakshmikanthan (KS Ravikumar), a middle-class man who was a theatre artist who has a dream of owning his own house, we see his past where his father had a struggling life due to lack of money is brought against a powerful politician who wishes to take the land from him and hence the rivalry begins.

The movie is a typical concept of good vs bad, how a middle-class person with no resources fights with the most influential politician (Mime Gopi) is what you will find out in the movie.


It’s quite a typical concept of good vs bad where the movie concludes with the protagonist taking over the internet overnight, we have seen millions of times but what will touch your heart is the performances by KS Ravikumar who plays the perfect protagonist, and Mimi Gopal who’s been playing such negative roles already.

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