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Netflix Fatherhood Movie Review: How Kevin Hart outshines as a single father!

Netflix Fatherhood brings a rollercoaster ride of Kevin Hart as a single parent as he outshines the role and brings the perfect combination of hilarious, dramatic, and emotional package with is the latest release Fatherhood on June 18th, 2021.

Bringing down the hardships of being a single parent and juggling between work and your kid is something we’ve seen again and again. What sets Netflix Fatherhood apart is its simplicity, the emotional ups and down with hilarious puns to balance the drama.

Netflix Fatherhood Review

Kevin Hart tugs on all the heartstrings with his sensational turn “Fatherhood”. Netflix’s latest release Fatherhood id directed by Paul Weitz, Kevin plays Matt, who’s blessed with a daughter while also losing his wife in a sudden accident.

Adapted from the script from Matthew Logelin’s “2 kisses for Maddy” in 2011 which revolves around his struggle of raising a child while grieving for his lost wife.

Throughout Netflix fatherhood, Matt moves between both the depths of depression and the pinnacles of true joy as he forges a new life with little Maddy. The scenes where Matt leaves Maddy to her grandparents’ place would leave your heart in tears.

The way Hart plays the scenes when Maddy is asleep and Matt decides to leave to grandparents’ place is truly emotional and convincing himself that what he’s doing is for his daughter’s better future. While also, you would see random jokes on poop, typical Kevin Hart comics to balance the emotional drama.

Overall, Netflix Fatherhood is a well-acted, fun, and hilarious film that talks about the highs and lows of being a single dad while he’s also struggling to pace with his career while he’s nurturing his daughter.

Fatherhood undoubtedly juggles its comedy and more saddening moments perfectly. A family drama that you would enjoy to its core!

Is Netflix fatherhood based on a true story?

Yes, in Matthew Logelin’s “2 kisses for Maddy” in 2011, he talks about how he lost his wife while delivering their new baby and the struggles that followed the aftermath. Fatherhood is quite inspired by that book. In one of the scenes, Hart does mention the “2 kisses” reference while Maddy was asleep.

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