Netflix Oxygen Movie Review: Spoiler Free

Netflix got us another Sci-fi watch! While we are sure you must be looking out for more options of the Sci-fi genre, you can also read Katla Review which happens to be one of the craziest Science fiction series we’ve seen in a while! Directed by Alexandre Aja, Netflix Oxygen was released on May 12, 2021. Sometimes the most uncomfortable could be the best thrillers that you watch. Watching someone struggle to get out of water or in this case struggle to breathe oxygen.

Netflix Oxygen Plot

Netflix Oxygen tells the story of a young woman who wakes up in a cryogenic pod who she doesn’t remember who she is or how she ended up there was a big question. As she’s running out of oxygen she must rebuild her memory to find a way out of her nightmare.

Laying in this pod and struggling in this pod for the entire run time, the poor lady tries to navigate the system she’s inside. Things start to get tensed as she’s running for her life and the claustrophobic situation she’s in, makes everything worse. There is an oxygen meter that is slowly running out and it’s heading towards zero so all of this tension is amped up around her.

With Oxygen level decreasing, she’s hallucinating already while also trying to open the pod, only to be electrocuted. She tries to call the police but of no help. Next, a lady calls her who mentions that her husband is dead that makes her heartbroken. Trying to attempt suicide by opening the pod, she finds out that 10,000 people are in hypersleep including her. 

Further ahead, the lady finds out that she’s a clone of Elizabeth Hansen. who herself calls her to tell the truth. She reveals that she made a generic clone that’s inside the pod and implanted memories of Leo in her.

Elizabeth’s clone manages to deactivate the euthanasia protocol and put herself back in hypersleep. The end credits show that the clones of Elizabeth and Leo are happily ever after on another planet.

Netflix Oxygen Review

Netflix Oxygen is surely worth a watch. The storyline is simple but the panic situations, the claustrophobia makes the situation tensed and keeps the audience hooked to what will happen next! If you love science fiction and thriller as genres, Netflix Oxygen provides you with both.

The storyline and acting were succinct, giving an authentic response to a situation of trauma, distress, panic, and hope through the adverse of being in a claustrophobic near-death experience. Still, confused whether to watch it? Here’s the trailer for you to decide for yourself!

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