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Disney Hotstar The Empire Tv Series Review 2021

Disney Hotstar’s latest release “The Empire” is currently the talk of the town for many reasons. While you might be astonished by the jawbreaking performances, the storyline and the script could feel a bit off the track! We are well aware of the Mughal empire that ruled India for so long. The Empire is an Indian historical period drama that casts Kunal Kapoor, Dino Morea, Drashti Dhami as lead roles. Directed by Mitakshara Kumar, the series is inspired by the Empire of the Moghul by Alex Rutherford.

Disney Hotstar The Empire Plot

More of a costume drama, The Empire revolves around Babur’s life as it starts with his teenage version. His bisexual references are being provided as he proceeds to train his fighting skills. He notices that there are a few injustices as women are treated. He decides that when he’d be a king, he would make sure that women are treated equally. The story deals with the two kings, Babur and Muhammad Shaybani Khan as they set off to conquer each other’s territory.

Disney Hotstar The Empire Review

While what’s worth appreciation has to do a lot with the side characters like Rahul Dev, Shabana Asmi, and Drashti Dhami with phenomenal costume design and sets, what you’ll find disappointing is the storytelling and Babur’s character design. While you’ll fall in love with costumes, the VFX and script are comparatively weak. As we move forward, episode by episode the characters get stronger and better. Dino Morea’s comeback seems stunning and hot from start to end. Overall, the Empire is surely worth a one-time watch. You can now stream “The Empire” on Disney+ Hotstar.

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