Netflix U-Turn Filipino Horror Movie Review

Netflix’s U-turn is a Filipino horror film inspired by an Indian horror movie by the same name written by Pawan Kuman, who also gets the credits for this one. Lead by Kim Chiu, JM de Guzman, Tony Labrusca, and directed by Roderick Cabrido, you would probably guess the movie ahead of time if you’ve watched the Indian version of it! U-Turn revolves around a reporter who investigates the strange things that occur after she’s witnessed an accident.

U-Turn Plot

Donna Suarez (Kim Chiu) is a reporter for Daily Journal Online past 7 years. One day while returning from work, she witnesses a car accident blocking a U-turn. A young mother Elisa (Kate Alejandrino), and her daughter Anna (Miel Espinosa) lost their lives in the accident. Finally, Donna decides to investigate as this had to be one of the sensational cases to cover.

Suddenly, Donna’s twin brother Eric dies of a mysterious accident. With reference to a homeless man who mentioned that Eric’s death could be one of the assumed deaths that happen if you made an illegal wrong turn. To test it out and to challenge the evil spirits of the U-turn, Donna drives into the mysterious road asking the ghosts to be after her next. 

Once she’s back at home, she behaves strange, keeping the lights off, acting weird and suspicious, putting her face near the drain of a sink, ran up the stairs keeping all the elements of horror intact. Will she be able to save her life in the end? What was the mystery behind the U-turn?

U-Turn Review

If you love horror films, this could be one of the cliched horror films you have seen. But the lead character, Donna Suarez (Kim Chiu) had a lot to offer in the context of acting, not only did a few scenes were nerve breaking but there were pieces that lead to comic dialogues making it a light horror movie.

The end scene where the final confrontation that leads to Donna, Elisa, and their partners of tragic and fun at the same time. Most of the dialogues in the movie are in English and the rest has subtitles where they’ve included languages like Filipino and Tagalog with some Spanish inspiration. Overall, the movie is surely a one-time watch if you’ve not seen the earlier versions of it, else it would seem quite repetitive and funny! 

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