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Warrior Nun 2020 TV Series Full Review

An American drama series with a superhero vibe is all that A warrior Nun holds. It is known to be based on a book Warrior Nun 2020 Areala written by Ben Dunn. Originally Netflix briefed about making it a film adaptation, it was later that it was fixed for a series, producing its first-ever season.

The major location of the series being Spain, we would witness a Portuguese actress Alba Baptista in the lead role and a narrative. Alba Baptista, who plays the role of Ava Silva, a paralyzed orphan who resumes life after she’s already dead with superpowers that force her to join the ancient order of Warrior Nuns. The movie is released in the English language.

Netflix Warrior Nun 2020 TV Series OFFICIAL TRAILER

On June 17, 2020, Netflix released the official trailer of the series, which was much of a hype. We are surely excited to see what supernatural drama this exclusive series consists of.

“My whole life I’ve dreamt of being dead. I leave my body and see myself from above until I wake up and realize I’m still the freak I’ve been the whole life.” Watch the trailer now…

Warrior Nun 2020 RELEASE DATE

Warrior Nun 2020 was set to release on July 2, 2020, with 10 episodes in season one. While the makers are still waiting to see how the season 1 works, season 2 will be in process soon!


There are 10 episodes in season 1 in total with an average timing of 40-50 min each, all the episodes drop on Netflix, July 2, 2020.

  • Episode 1 – “Psalms”
  • Episode 2 – “Proverbs”
  • Episode 3 – “Ephesians “
  • Episode 4 – “Ecclesiasticus”
  • Episode 5 – “Matthew”
  • Episode 6 – “Isaiah”
  • Episode 7 – “Ephesians”
  • Episode 8 – “Proverbs”
  • Episode 9 – “2 Corinthians”
  • Episode 10 – “Revelation”

Netflix Warrior Nun CAST LIST

  • Alba Baptista as Ava Silva
  • Toya Turner as Sister Mary / Shotgun Mary
  • Thekla Reuten as Jillian Salvius
  • Lorena Andrea as Sister Lilith
  • Kristina Tonteri-Young as Sister Beatrice
  • Tristan Ulloa as Father Vincent

Warrior Nun 2020 REVIEW

Netflix’s new supernatural drama Warrior Nun is out for the audiences to watch on Netflix. Released on July 2, 2020, The Warrior Nun consists of a 19-year-old paralyzed orphan, who after death wakes up in a morgue and finds out that she has the supernatural power of the angelic halo.

Magically the halo cures Ava’s paralysis but also brings supernatural features inside her.
She’s now burdened with the task of being a warrior nun. Towards the end of The Warrior Nun, With the help of Father Vincent, Shotgun Mary, Sister Beatrice, and Camila, Ava can arrive at the Vatican City.

But that’s not the end, she has a motive to reach the tomb of Adriel. But when she gets inside, there are no dusty bones as she expected instead she finds out that Adriel, who was expected to be dead, was still alive.


Warrior Nun 2020 TV Series Review & Story Detail

Simon Barry is the showrunner and the writer of the show, with Terri Hughes Burton as Co-Executive Producer, Stephen Hegyes, and Jet Wilkinson being an Executive Producer with Amy Berg as Consulting Producer. September 28, 2018, Netflix gave the production a series order for a first season consisting of ten episodes where Simon Barry was set to serve as showrunner/director for the series.

Production companies also involved with Reality Distortion Field and Fresco Film Services. The series was released for the audiences on July 2, 2020. Next of the series order announcement, it was confirmed that Alba Baptista, Toya Turner, Tristan Ulloa, Thekla Reuten, Kristina Tonteri-Young, Lorena Andrea, and Emilio Sakraya were confirmed as the casts.

On April 1, 2019, Sylvia De Fanti had joined as a regular cast as well. The first season was shot on location in Marbella, Ronda, Antequera, Málaga, and Sevilla, Spain from March 11, 2019, to July 5, 2019.

Netflix Warrior Nun 2020 CONCLUSION

Here’s the gist: Ava is a quadriplegic orphan who finds herself bonded with an ancient the Halo of the Angel Adriel after she’s dead. The Halo provides Ava a loads of superpowers but also puts her in the crosshairs of the Order of the Cruciform Sword.
No doubt the series is a treat to watch for the supernatural fantasy fans but might get a bit monotonous after the first half. The first half is said to be more engaging but it’s a visual treat for sure. If you’re a fan of such a genre, you should definitely consider watching it once.


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